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Five Nights at Freddy's

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I am so tired of apologizing for who I am.

I’m living the life I have as best I can, and I am happy. I’m not doing things your way? I’m not living life the way you think I should? Well, get the fuck over it. It’s my life, and I am fucking tired of being made to feel like a piece of shit when I’m doing nothing wrong. Just because I choose to be single instead of married and popping out a bunch of buck-toothed kids and just because I choose to spend my free time playing video games doesn’t mean I’m lazy or a failure.

You think you’re better than me when all you do is look down your nose at me? I’m fucking sick of it and how pathetically fake you are. 

I am so fed up with people thinking the only decent thing a girl can do with her life is get married and pop out kids. It’s 2014, fuckers. Not 1814. Mind your own business and leave me the hell alone. 


Top 5 Disney Love Songs (as voted by my followers)

↳ #3: A Whole New World (Aladdin - 1992)

A whole new world. A dazzling place I never knew. But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.


I Am a Bride

A short comic inspired by Finnish werewolf folklore in which it is many times the wedding couple and/or the entire wedding party that is bewitched to turn into wolves by a resentful guest or family member.

· finland · finnish · comic · poem · badass · werewolf ·

resident evil main cast + urban dictionary { inspiration }

I wondered if I was wasting my time making these. Then I came upon Leon’s and all was clear. [/angels singing] Also, “chris” was stupid; that’s why I went with “christopher.”

Valenfield | Leaves

  • | Resident Evil
  • | Autumn AU {1 of ??}
  • | 685 words
  • Inspiration 

Jill was casually raking leaves in the front yard of her home bundled up in a blue jacket with a colorful scarf wrapped around her neck. Her blonde hair rested against her shoulders until a gentle breeze rustled the pale strands just as it shook the leaves on the trees, forcing more to litter the ground. She sighed a bit, frustrated and ready to be done with this menial task, she crossed the yard and began to rake up the newly-fallen leaves, creating a second, smaller pile.

Just as she finished collecting all of the leaves into a neat pile, she heard a loud crunch behind her. Startled, she glanced over her shoulder to see a flurry of orange and brown and red leaves fluttering back to the ground. In the center of the autumn explosion was Chris, lying on his back and laughing hysterically. 

"Christopher Redfield!?" Jill screamed, her high-pitched tone alerting everyone within a two block radius. "How old are you?!”

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If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

that’s really inspiring

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