What 3 fictional characters do you most associate me with?

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The Hunger Games; colour palettes (inspiration)

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How I Got Into That Fandom:

There was a LOT of hype about Bioshock 2 circling around LiveJournal (my, how times have changed). I thought all the stuff for B2 looked really awesome, and I had heard of Bioshock a bit before, but I didn’t really know anything about it. And the more I looked at B2 stuff, the more I started drooling. I must have called every GameStop within at least a 50 mile radius of home trying to find a copy of the first game. And when I finally had that beauty in my hands, I could hardly get home fast enough to play it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

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What Every Writer Needs: Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist

Cheaper at Amazon than Barnes & Noble, of course, this book is full of wonderful insight on how to be creative. A lot of the steps I already had in mind, but I had viewed them completely different until reading this. For example, Kleon’s explanation of stealing is something along the lines of “honoring those who came before you by adapting their work into something new that only you could make.” I always saw stealing, especially in a creative sense, as dishonorable, wrong, and straight out plagiarism. But Kleon states again and again: “nothing is original.” Everything came from something else. Why not see what others have done and find a niche no one else has ever seen? Don’t make something original. It can’t be done. Take something everyone knows (and that you love) and make it new, show it in a light no one but you has ever seen.

This is a very inspiring read, just enough to light a fire under almost anyone. 

What Every Writer Needs: Brian Mooney’s The Storymatic

At Amazon, it’s $30. Kinda expensive for us poverty-stricken writers, but creative inspiration is a beautiful, price-tag-less thing. Some of the cards do nothing for me, but others really light my mind on fire. It’s a simple little game where you pick two cards to create a character and then two more cards to create a situation.

For example, “trespasser” and “person who says yes to everything” is your character (or, maybe, characters… you can play any way you want), and your situation is “end of the friendship” and “what was that sound.” Instantly, I’m thinking the story begins with two friends fighting (maybe because the “trespasser” broke the law for, well, trespassing, and the friend “who says yes to everything” blabbed to the cops when questioned because he/she couldn’t lie or say no. Then admist their yelling, they hear a noise… what happens next?

So after watching Simon Pegg in A Fantastic Fear of Everything, in which he plays a paranoid writer (I couldn’t help but see some similarities between us ;P), I got the weird notion to want to write a children’s story.

I KNOW!? Crazy. Well, Simon’s character is trying to write a murder mystery, which is partly to blame for his paranoia, to prove that he’s not a one-hit wonder as a children’s author. Because of this, you get to see snippets of his stories, and each bit is cute and clever, and it makes me want to give it a try.

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Let’s play an askbox game: Name one of my fandoms, and I’ll tell you how I got into that fandom

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For the First Time
Boyce Avenue
New Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 2
102 plays


For the First Time (by the Script), cover by Boyce Avenue from their 2011 New Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 2.

I heard this cover on a Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7BJRyTyssE&feature=g-all-f&context=G2e1b90dFAAAAAAAABAA.  

The clips were all from video games set to this song; I really loved this video, but what caught my attention was the description from the maker.  I thought it was incredibly moving:

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"Oh, these times are hard…"


I don’t know about you guys, but in real life, 2011 was shitty. Not quite as shitty as 2010, but.. eh, the judges are still out. They both sucked. How’s that? And I’m not just talking about my personal life, but also the lives of everyone in this world, especially America. Constant fights, bickering over stupid shit, record numbers of tragedies and deaths (Japan, for one), a failing economy (U.S.), Occupy Wallstreet, growing fear in ourselves and those we once trusted, fading hope in our protectors, boiling anger aimed at our enemies (mostly homegrown), a widening culture/social gap between us all (based on money, religion, sexuality, or whatever other stupid crap today’s “laws” and “media” shove down our throats), SOPA (!#@$% YOU!), and everything else…

I am glad to move into the new year. Unfortunately, a lot of those things that made 2011 shitty are still present, but if we unite our causes, our hearts, and our strengths, we can have the power to make it better. And that thought is what inspired me to make this video: a final goodbye to the past year that leaves us with a simple request for 2012:

"Don’t give up on me."


If you get the chance, give her some love for her talent of making videos, and for her insight.

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A Softer World 387 

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